Responsible Gambling at BC Game PH

Persons under 18 are prohibited from engaging in any form of gambling on BC Game. Online gambling is a very lucrative activity that has grown in the last ten years. During that period, player satisfaction was a priority at BC Game PH, while the brand maintained a pro-responsible gambling stance.

Thanks to this stride in the online gaming world, users worldwide now have access to casino sites, sports betting, lotteries, and other games. Players can now access their favorite online games with a click. At BC Game PH, gamers are encouraged to play within their budget and pay heed to the following suggestions:

  • Gambling is not an answer to an existing financial crisis;
  • Gambling is a meant to have fun and get premium entertainment, not a hustle;
  • Check your spending and adhere to your budget;
  • Do not try to recover lost funds;
  • Avoid gambling with money meant for other purposes;
  • Ensure you don’t allocate the time meant for other activities toward gambling, which was not meant for other activities.

With these tips, a player will inevitably have a premium experience on BC Game.

How to know if you are addicted to gambling

There are usually a lot of pointers that indicate whether a player is addicted to gambling. Here are a few things to consider when determining the presence of gambling addiction: 

  • Have you lost too much time away from work or school because of gambling?
  • Has gambling damaged your reputation?
  • Do you frequently feel some sort of regret after each gambling activity?
  • Do you now consider gambling as a solution to financial troubles?
  • Do you chase your losses?
  • Do you borrow money when you want to gamble?
  • When you win, do you have a strong urge to return and continue gambling?
  • Have you sold any of your properties because of gambling?
  • Do you always stay for a long time while gambling?
  • Have you thought of doing something illegal to finance your gambling lifestyle?
  • Do you gamble to celebrate good moments in your life?
  • Have you entertained harmful thoughts due to gambling?

You are addicted to gambling if you answer yes to more than six of the questions above.

Underage gambling on BC Game

The brand has zero tolerance for any form of underage gambling. Only persons 18 years of age or older may play on BC Game. It performs checks via the payment portals. If BC Game notices any form of online gambling, it will take the following actions:

  • Confiscate every accumulated win.
  • The involved accounts will be closed.
  • The child’s country will obtain notification of this information.

Parents are advised to monitor their children’s online lifestyles closely. They can employ a software filter to ensure their children interact with censored content.

What does BC Game PH have for players?

Players are advised to use the BC Game page’s content and tools to maintain control. The following tools and content are available on the page to encourage responsible gambling: 

  • A 24/7 team to help address player concerns;
  • Links to access self-help page and groups;
  • A self-exclusion option.

With these tools, players can gamble responsibly and get help when needed. You can always contact support to learn how to activate these options to fight addiction. The specialists won’t influence your decision but prevent you from gambling irresponsibly.

How to protect yourself and gamble responsibly

There are many steps to take towards protecting yourself in the gambling world. You should take a step away from casinos if you struggle to play responsibly. 

BC Game supports individuals who open up about their habits and helps them in the best way possible. Meanwhile, note that the casino and other games on the site have a return-to-player rate that favors the company overall. That’s why you are urged to only gamble with funds you don’t need for your daily living. 

When you do that, you may take gambling for what it is — premium fun and entertainment. With this in mind, you will be ready to enjoy the probability of taking home great wins and be able to stomach possible losses. You are welcome to play on BC Game PH, where all is set to ensure you have a great gambling experience and support to thrive.